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The goal of the board-certified endocrinology, diabetes, and thyroid specialists at The Endocrine Center is to provide comprehensive care for adults and teenagers at their Main Campus, Methodist West, and Greater Heights office locations in Houston, Texas.

At The Endocrine Center, the team uses a focused and research-driven approach to treat various diseases that affect the endocrine system and metabolism. The doctors work closely with one another and share notes when treating advanced cases. Their collaborative nature allows for advanced treatments and research, ensuring individuals have access to the latest and most cutting-edge care.

The Endocrine Center provides in-depth specialty care and offers a wide range of resources, including Prolia® injections and Reclast® infusions for osteoporosis, testosterone injections for low testosterone, and bone mineral density testing for osteoporosis and osteopenia. People with hyperthyroidism can access thyroid ultrasounds, biopsies, and radioactive iodine.

Aside from providing specialty care, the team regularly conducts medical research studies. These clinical trials help find new ways to manage and treat disorders and illnesses of the endocrine system.

The Endocrine Center accepts a wide range of insurance plans and typically accommodates new patient appointments within two weeks.

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We have 3 locations in the Houston area: Main Campus, Greater Heights, Methodist West.




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We have 3 locations in the Houston area: Main Campus, Greater Heights, Methodist West



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Main Campus

10837 Katy Freeway, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77079
Ph: 713-491-2064
Fax: 713-468-2289



Greater Heights Campus

1631 N. Loop West Ste. 625
Houston, TX 77008
Ph: 832-219-9930
Fax: 832-218-7402



Methodist West Campus

18300 Katy Freeway Suite 465
Houston, TX 77094
Ph: 713-714-3402
Fax: 844-873-0032

Better Doctors. Better Care

Call on our board-certified specialists to help answer your questions regarding treatment and care. We have a dedicated staff operating in 3 locations in Houston.

Clinical Research Trials

Our center is committed to finding new ways to improve patients’ health through continuing research in areas such as diabetes care, cardiovascular and renal disease.

We are currently conducting different Clinical Research Studies

• Be a part of finding new ways to improve your condition and further medical research

• Receive quality medical care at no cost to you

• Receive study medication at no cost to you

• Receive study-related test at no cost to you

• Compensation might be available for your time and travel


If you want to participate

• Please answer a few questions to help our team identify which study you may qualify for.

• Someone from our research team will be contacting you.

LeaRN More →



Accepted Insurance

We take many other smaller plans, and calling to verify network eligibility is always recommended.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield*
Colonial Life
EMI Health
First Choice Health
First Health
Golden Rule
GWH-Cigna (formerly Great West Healthcare)
Optum Health
Texan Plus

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Words from our patients

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    "I have recommended many of my friends to the endocrine center and all of them have had wonderful experiences."

    Vanessa D.
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    "If you want doctors to tell you what you want to hear, this is not the place, this is the place to get control of your Diabetes and live."

    John S.
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    "The office is neat and clean, staff is professional, and doctor/NP are thorough and have a kind demeanor. Highly recommended."

    Ibrahim A.
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    "The office desires more the five stars for everything; waiting time, cleanliness and service.!! My favorite place forever!!"

    Bel G.
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    "Great place! All the staff and doctors are so friendly and knowledgeable, very recommended!"

    Susan G.
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    "Exceeded expectations, great client service, reasonable wait time, very knowledgable. The staff interaction was easy, clear and caring."

    Samia A.
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    "My experience at this clinic has been a breath of fresh air. What a great team of people, no exceptions."

    Marcelly Q.