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Clinical research drives medicine forward by safely and ethically testing potential new treatments. At its three offices in Houston, Texas, The Endocrine Center conducts clinical research and allows qualified patients to participate at no cost. To schedule an appointment and learn more about current clinical trials, call The Endocrine Center’s Main Campus, Methodist West, or Greater Heights office or book online today.

Clinical Research Q & A

What is clinical research?

Clinical research involves studies with multiple participants to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat medical conditions. The team at The Endocrine Center conducts clinical trials to gain more knowledge of the conditions they treat and the services they offer to patients. 

Some clinical trials test the effectiveness of a new or improved treatment, while others explore the development of certain diseases or conditions over time. Before you participate in either type, you must talk to your provider at The Endocrine Center to find out whether or not you’re a good candidate given your medical history, current health, and other factors. 

During clinical trials at The Endocrine Center, one group gets the active treatment while the other receives a placebo. A placebo looks the same and is given in the same way as the active drug but does not include active ingredients. It allows the team to assess the effectiveness of a given treatment compared to the results of taking no medicine at all. 

In what clinical research trials might I participate?

The Endocrine Center uses clinical trials to study several different diseases as well as new or evolving treatments for them. Clinical research areas include:

If you’re receiving treatment at The Endocrine Center and are interested in participating, the team can tell you whether or not current clinical trials are underway and whether or not you’re a good candidate for them.

What are the benefits of participating in clinical research?

Participating in clinical research doesn’t just benefit doctors, who gain new knowledge from your participation, and future patients who might get the same treatment in the future. There are a number of advantages to participating in clinical research for yourself, too. Clinical research allows you to:

  • Access new treatments before they’re widely available
  • Receive high-quality care with no cost to you
  • Receive possible compensation for your time and travel
  • Be a part of furthering medical research
  • Have a more active role in your health care
  • Help others

The Endocrine Center performs clinical research under strict national guidelines for ethics and scientific rules. The team makes sure your safety is a priority at every stage, and you can contact them right away if concerns arise during your participation. 

What should I expect while participating in clinical research?

Each clinical study is a bit different depending on what’s being tested and the chosen method. The team at The Endocrine Center explains the study to you in-depth before you participate and answers each of your questions to make sure you understand the process. 

The team gives you an informed consent form to debrief you on the details of your study. You need to read it carefully and sign it after asking any relevant questions to gain clarity. Signing the informed consent form shows that you understand the process and confirm that you’d like to take part. You can still withdraw from the research at any time. 

As you participate, you may need to make more visits to The Endocrine Center than you would normally. You also undergo various medical tests. Between your visits, the team may call you intermittently to request information. 

To find out about current clinical research and see if you’re a good candidate to participate, call The Endocrine Center, or schedule an appointment online today.