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On top of providing in-depth specialty care, our center is committed to find new ways to improve patients’ health through continuing medical research in Houston.

Clinical trials are forms of medical research studies that are conducted in scientifically controlled settings to test how a new drug or a new form of treatment works and how safe and effective it is. These medical research trials follow strict guidelines to ensure the protection of patients. People with endocrine conditions may benefit from participation in one of our trials.

At the Center, our clinical research focuses on Endocrinology and Diabetes care areas such as Type 1 Diabetes research, Type 2 Diabetes research and medical research for other Metabolic Disorders, as well as the clinical research studies in areas of cardiovascular and renal disease.

We are always seeking volunteers to participate in our clinical research trials in the Houston area. If interested in field of medical research or want to learn more about our clinical research trials, please call 713-973-3418 or 713-973-3415, email or talk to your endocrinologist about which study may benefit you at your next visit. Endocrine Center doctors are recruiting for a number of clinical trials.


We Are Currently Conducting Various Clinical Research Studies

  • Be a part of finding new ways to improve your condition and further medical research
  • Receive quality medical care at no cost to you
  • Receive study medication at no cost to you
  • Receive study related test at no cost to you
  • Compensation might be available for your time and travel

If You Want To Participate

  • Please answer a few questions to help our team identify which study you may qualify for.
  • Someone from our research team will be contacting you

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paid clinical research studies in Houston tx Medical research also known as clinical trials is to test whether a new medicine/drug is effective for treatment in people.

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