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Drug Safety Communication for Belviq (lorcaserin)

A Message to our Patients

On February 13, 2020, the FDA issued a drug safety message requesting withdrawal of Belviq (generic name lorcaserin) from the US market as a result of post-marketing studies that showed a small increased risk of cancer in patients who were taking Belviq. A small subset of Endocrine Center patients were prescribed this medication at some point in the past several past several years. Those affected patients prescribed the medication through our clinic will be receiving an individual letter as well but this notice can serve for all patients who may have been prescribed the medication through other doctor’s offices.

If you are currently taking Belviq, it is the FDA’s and our recommendation that you stop taking it at this time. Please make an appointment with your doctor at The Endocrine Center to discuss alternative options for you. If you are not taking Belviq currently but have taken it in the past then no additional action is necessary at this time. You should continue with routine cancer screenings as usual, such as colonoscopy, Pap smear, and mammogram, but no additional screening has been recommended by the FDA. You are welcome to make an appointment with any of our doctors to come in and discuss this issue further if you have any concerns. Please visit our website at to make an appointment.

A copy of the FDA’s drug safety message can be found at the following link:

– Your Doctors at the Endocrine Center

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